An individual's hair is like a work of art - intricate, sophisticated and extraordinary. We strongly believe in a pricing system for all services that reflect the hair length and technical difficulty rather than gender.


Color: $75 +

Ombre/Balayage: $125+

Highlight: $85 +

Color and Highlight: $115 +

7 Foil Highlight: $50


Barber Cuts: $25+

For those clipper fades or scissor over comb cuts on super short hair.

Short/Pixie Cuts: $30+

If your hair is NOT longer than chin length, but requires detailed work, this cut is for you!

Medium Advanced Cuts: $35+

If you’re growing out your hair or your hair is shorter than collarbone length.  This detailed cut will require a through consultation to make sure the length and weight of this style is accentuating your best features.

Long/Advanced Cuts: $40+

If your hair is long (collarbone length and below) or if you’d like to chop is all off, this is the service for you!  If your hair is thick or curly, this is also your go-to cut!

Children’s Cut (under 10 years): $20+


Eyebrows: $15

Lip: $15

Chin: $15

Nose: $15

Underarm: $25+

Full arm: $50+

Full leg: $75+

Back: $75+

Chest: $65+

Bikini: $50+

Brazilian: $75+


Updo/Prom/Wedding: $70+

Do you have a special event that you’d like to have a glamorous style for?  This is the service for you.  Please come with dry hair.

Blow Out: $40

A shampoo service with a conditioned scalp massage. Finished with a beautiful blow out.

Style: $30

Soft curls or a flat iron style. Does not include a shampoo and conditioner service.


Microblading: $500*

Full liner: $400*

Half liner: $250*

Annual Touchup: 100**

*requires a $200 deposit when booking

**must originally be done at Salon Bonita


Lash Lift: $70

Lash Lift & Tint: $85

Lash Tint: $20

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